Fully Vertical CBD Manufacturer, Wholesaler & Retailer

Naturally Hemps ​is a BROAD SPECTRUM, CANNABINOID & TERPENE RICH,NON-ISOLATE BASED Brand, that is sourced with unscrupulous attention to everything along the supply chain, and that is tested and is/will be readily available to our consumers.

A New CBD Experience

Naturally Hemps is built around the concept of offering the customer a variety of CBD products that the customer can be confident they are purchasing a quality, pure product, manufactured to be as effective and efficient as possible at a fair price.We have carried CBD for a while now, but not until about 6 months ago did I truly understand or comprehend the positive potential outcomes CBD can offer people an all-natural treatment with no proven negative side effects that can have positive effects on a variety of ailments. I have spent the past few months meticulously planning, sourcing, branding, packaging, and getting this brand on the shelves to offer our customers a high quality, tested, transparent CBD brand that will not only sell products, but part of our mission is to educate the customer, and learn from the users of the product to learn from them. This is an industry is still in its infancy, and we have a lot to learn in general about CBD and how to use it to its full potential, but with the passing of the Farm Bill officially making CBD made CBD made from domestically grown organic hemp with less than .30% Delta 9 THC content legal(we will get into D9 another time)! Now those of use in the industry will have more ability to bank, market, educate, research, develop, manufacture, and bring products to market that really help people without all the small print.However, due to the “marijuana” paradigm, this market is flooded with disinformation, misinformation, and pure lack of education about the product. As part of building NaturallyHemps, we plan to educate everyone, from the distributors to the stores, employees, customers, end users. This will be an evolving educational program that is ongoing. In order to get more users, since CBD products, our products, have the potential help millions of people with a variety ailments, we must educate those customers as we learn more and more to ensure they get the best results possible and can explain CBD to others.


Vertically Integrated
Facility in Austin, Tx

Our world class facility is headquartered in Austin, Texas and features...

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